Ronda Stryker lives in Portland, Michigan and has three children with her husband, William Johnston. The Stryker siblings made their fortune off the back of the work of their grandfather, Homer Stryker, who founded Stryker Corporation to sell his innovative medical inventions.


Ronda Stryker’s grandfather Homer Stryker (Full name Homer Hartman Stryker) was a medical doctor specialising in orthopaedics. He was born in 1894 in Wakeshma Township, Michigan and served in World War I as an infantryman, returning home after serving in France.

Qualifying initially as a teacher, Stryker worked several teaching jobs in Michigan to pay for his tuition, working to put himself through medical school. He earned his doctorate of medicine from Michigan University medical school in 1925. After graduating, Stryker interned in the University Hospital before starting his own medical practice in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Homer Stryker
Homer Stryker with Granddaughters Ronda and Patricia

In 1935, Homer Stryker began developing his innovative inventions, including a hospital bed that helped prevent bedsores, and the now world renowned “Stryker Saw” – used for cutting bone and plaster casts.

In 1946, he founded Stryker Corporation (initially named the Orthopaedic Frame Company before being renamed Stryker Corporation in 1964.

Eventually, Homer Stryker retired from practising medicine to focus solely on developing Stryker Corp with his son, Lee Stryker.
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Orthopedic Frame Company
The Original Orthopaedic Frame Company Logo


Ronda’s Parents Lee and Betty Stryker moved to Kalamazoo to be near to Lee’s father Homer and his growing business. In 1969 Lee Stryker was made president of Stryker Corp and under his stewardship the value of the company grew exponentially.

Lee and Betty Stryker settled in Kalamazoo with their daughter Ronda, and had two more children. They lived nearby to Homer and his wife, Mary Jane, and to the Stryker business.

At that time, Stryker was still very much a family business. In an interview with Michigan Live, Ronda Stryker recalls her mother’s frugality, saying:

“It was the best thing that ever happened to me. You can’t let money define you. You may have it one day and not have it the next.”


In 1976, Ronda Stryker’s parents were tragically killed in a plane crash, shortly after she graduated from University, leaving her ageing grandfather to run the family business alone.

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Ronda Stryker married her husband William Johnston in 1983 and quickly decided to start a family together. The pair had known each other for several years prior, having originally met through their teaching careers. Johnston has worked in several fields including education, business and investment.

He was educated at Western Michigan University, earning an undergraduate degree in Public Affairs in 1970, and a Masters in Political Science in 1974.

He is treasurer and secretary of the Stryker Johnston Foundation, which he co-founded with Ronda Stryker, and through which the couple carry out the majority of their philanthropic activities.
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Ronda Stryker has two siblings, her sister Patricia and her brother Jon.

Patricia Stryker is a billionaire and philanthropist, having also inherited her wealth from her grandfather and her share in Stryker Corporation, although neither her nor her brother Jon serve on the board as Ronda Stryker does.

Patricia Stryker runs the Bohemian Foundation, which focuses on improving civic life in Colorado and the wider area. The foundation is based in Fort Collins, and was established in 2001 as a private family held foundation.

Patricia Stryker has been known to make considerable donations to the Democratic Party in Colorado, and has been credited with helping elect the Democrats in a previously Republican held state.

Ronda Stryker Family
Ronda Stryker’ Sister Pat Stryker

Ronda Stryker’s brother, Jon Stryker is an architect and billionaire philanthropist, dedicated to the causes of Great Ape Preservation, and LGBT rights. Jon Stryker founded the Arcus Foundation in 2000, which has offices worldwide and makes grants to help furtherance of LGBT causes.

Jon Stryker has an undergraduate BA in Biology from Kalamazoo College, where he now serves on the board, and also a Master of Architecture degree from UC Berkeley.

Ronda Stryker's Brother - Jon Stryker
Ronda Stryker’s Brother – Jon Stryker


Ronda Stryker has three children with her husband William Johnston.

Their eldest child and only son, Michael Johnston, was born in 1984, and works in Chicago in the music and entertainment industry.

Ronda Stryker has two daughters, Megan and Annie. Megan Johnston was born in 1985, and is involved with public affairs, having achieved a Masters in Public Administration from New York University in 2013.

Their youngest child, Annie Johnston was born in 1991 and recently graduated from Vanderbilt University.

Ronda Stryker at daughter Annie's graduation
Ronda Stryker at daughter Annie’s graduation

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