The entire Stryker / Johnston family are, and always have been very philanthropic. Choosing to do good with her inherited wealth, Ronda Stryker is no exception, having given away hundreds of millions of dollars over the years to causes she supports.

Influence of early life on philanthropy

Growing up, Ronda Stryker’s school was affected by the “Bussing” controversy in the United States, whereby poorer students from minority ethnic backgrounds were bussed in to better, more racially homogeneous schools in more affluent neighbourhoods. The idea being that students should have the same rights to education regardless of their upbringing or racial background.

Ronda Stryker was a student demonstrator, deeply in favour of the bussing and that, coupled with her modest upbringing (Ronda Stryker was 10 years old before Stryker Corp achieved its first $1 million annual revenue) has been one area of focus for her philanthropy over the years.

Having a Medical Doctor for a grandfather, a qualified teacher for a father, and an LGBT brother Ronda Stryker’s life has been heavily influenced by those around her. Ronda Stryker has made several large donations to Medical, Educational and LGBT causes, including a substantial $100 Million donation to West Michigan University (which has educated three generations of the Stryker family) to help fund a new medical school.

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Stryker Johnston in 2018 at Atlanta College
Stryker & Johnston donated $30 Million to Atlanta College in 2018

Private donations and humbleness

Stryker has commented in an interview with Michigan Online, that the majority of donations are kept private, and that she was raised to value modesty and being humble, a value which she has instilled in her children also.

For this reason, it is difficult to estimate the exact value of the couple’s charitable donations over the years, but it is certainly in the several hundred million dollars range.

Specific areas of interest

Ronda Stryker and her husband Johnston set up the Stryker Johnston foundation to manage their charitable donations.

Some of the areas the foundation is specifically interested in is listed on their website:

  • The elimination of racism
  • Empowerment of the disenfranchised
  • Elimination of poverty
  • Compensatory education
  • Support of non-traditional women students
  • Minority student education in sciences
  • Math, and finance
  • Elimination of sexism
  • Elimination of discrimination on the basis of gender and sexual orientation
  • Affordable housing initiatives
  • Kalamazoo based support of economic development
  • Enhancement support for Kalamazoo area public school programs

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Michigan University Medical School, funded by the Stryker Johnston foundation

Political Donations

Ronda Stryker tends not to make direct political donations, unlike her two siblings who are actively involved in fundraising for the Democratic party. Ronda Stryker has commented in the past however, that she is in agreement with her brother and sister politically.

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