Where did Ronda Stryker’s wealth come from?

The vast majority of Stryker’s wealth comes from the trust fund left to her by her late grandfather Homer Stryker, leaving her and her siblings with equity in the company he founded – Stryker Corporation.
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Stryker Corporation is a medical company specializing in orthopaedics, neurotechnology, spinal implants, synthetic hip and knee joints, patient transport and various other medical devices for use in various medical specialties.

Stryker Corporation Exterior
Stryker Corporation headquarters in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Stryker Corporation Directorship and Shareholding

Ronda Stryker hold approximately 6.5% of Stryker Corporation shares, making her the largest individual shareholder. Brother Jon and Sister Patricia also inherited an equal share of the company but have sold off far more shares than Ronda, leaving her with more than twice the net worth as either of them.
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To date, Ronda Stryker has sold approximately $1 Billion of Stryker Corporation shares since 1998.

Greenleaf Trust

In addition to her shareholding, Stryker is on the board of directors of Stryker Corporation, and has interests in several other businesses and organisations including Greenleaf Trust, an investment company managed by her husband William Johnston, within which she holds the position of Vice Chair.

Greenleaf Trust
Ronda Stryker’s husband’s investment firm – Greenleaf Trust

Is Ronda Stryker self made?

According to Forbes, Ronda Stryker achieves only a “2” on the Forbes self made scale, due to inheriting almost the entirety of her wealth from her Grandfather.

In spite of this, Ronda Stryker and indeed the entire Stryker/Johnston family have used their wealth to improve the lives of disadvantaged people and the lives of the people in their community by means of generous philanthropy, carried out through each of their family foundations.

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